icon_mini Wind Turbines

The wind turbine generators developed and produced by ESPE provide maximum safety and high level performance, the result of the best combination of aerodynamics, mechanics, oleodynamics and electronics.

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icon_biomassa Biomass

ESPE produces biomass based cogenerators and heat generation systems from biomass with an industrial philosophy, meaning reliability and long-life products.

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icon_idro Hydro Power

ESPE designs and produces high efficiency hydro power turbines for more than 10 years.

ESPE’s hydro turbines stand out for long term reliability and for the dedicated solutions that are designed for each application.

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icon-foto Photovoltaics

ESPE’s PV systems stands out for high performance and long term reliability: the experience gained in the construction of over 800 PV plants, with a total capacity of over 300MWp, guarantees the best solution for each context.

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FX EVO 16-20: Installation and first start

Biomass boilers

ESPE offers solutions for the heating: from the Home range (private customers, small Companies...) to Professional range (medium Companies, small industries...)

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Biomass cogenerators

Find more about ESPE's wooden biomass based cogeneration system for combined electrical and thermal energy production. Fully engineered and produced by ESPE.

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Wind Turbine Generators

WTG range: 20, 50, 60, 75, 100 kW

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