Know-how, experience, reliability, innovation.

ESPE was founded in Padua - Italy, in 1974. Since then, our Company has steered a path of continuous growth in the renewable energy sector.

ESPE designs and installs reliable green energy systems: wind turbine generators, cogenerators and biomass based solutions, hydroelectric turbines and power plants, photovoltaic solutions, highly energy efficient solutions that integrate the production of clean electricity with the heating and air conditioning systems of the building.

Headquarter and Registered Office
Grantorto, PD (Italia)

The first Energy System Integrator of Veneto

ESPE is the first Energy System Integrator of Veneto (Venice area) and one of the top five in Italy: we research, design and build green "turnkey" solutionsin residential, commercial, industrial and Public Administration contexts.

Founded forty years ago, ESPE started its history in the field of large electrical installations and embarked on a path of continuous growth in the field of renewable energy, technology systems and automation.

Wharehouse - ESPE
San Pietro in Gu, PD (Italy)

We are active worldwide

Our headquarters are set in Italy, but we are active worldwide. 500 operators, including employees and peripheral staff in 12 locations, contribute every day in making ESPE an industrial competitive group on a global scale. The central operational offices in Grantorto (PD) coordinate continuously, expanding business in Italy, Eastern Europe and North America.

Many companies, one goal: we are an integrated network providing services and tangible solutions, through the total control of the entire production chain. From designing to building, from managing every project phase to monitoring every single system, ESPE relies on the best technologies available on the market to offer the customer an innovative, safe and reliable solution.

Energy, for all your needs.

Energy, for all your needs. Families, investors, public sector, government agencies, and companies of any size and scope (agriculture, engineering, etc.) choose ESPE with the certainty of finding a partner able to offer solutions that best suit their needs.

Timisoara (Romania)