Biomass is a significant renewable source, because it leads to the distributed generation of electricity and / or heat, enhancing and safeguarding the forest heritage where the generation plants are placed.

Not everyone knows that biomass plants support a proper management of the forest, which is the precondition for its health and safety. This approach to the use of the wood is a consolidated practice in many Countries.

ESPE produces biomass based cogenerators and advanced systems to produce heat from biomass.

Therefore we can say that using biomass bring many benefits, like:

  • The cost of raw materials is 5 times less than fossil fuels.
  • The wood is easy to find and simple to use.
  • It is not dangerous.
  • Using biomass rather than other fuels means to recycle a material normally considered like a waste.
  • Clean in a proper way the woods makes them healty and reduces the risk of fire.

The Power of Wood

Nowadays, everybody is talking about sustainability. The term was first used in forestry. About 300 years ago, foresters discovered that the long-term use of forests could only be ensured when the volume of trees harvested did not exceed the volume of timber regrown.

The sustainable commercial use of forests is good for the economy, creates jobs, and benefits the environment.

Forest and Climate protection

If we use wood to generate heat, we make an important contribution to the slowing down of global warming.

Heating with wood adds value to the region

Wood creates jobs. And adds value to the region. The foresters, loggers, mechanics, heating plant operators, and employees working in the region also spend their money in the region.

Without a doubt: the use of oil and gas also adds value. However, the vast majority of this value lies outside of your region: on oil rigs, refineries, docks, in sea transport and pipelines. Only a small portion of the value stays in your region.

When we heat with wood, the money stays in the region. It ensures prosperity and a high standard of living for us and our children. And besides all that, wood is cheaper than oil.