B•Compact is mainly composed of two sections: the heating unit and the storage compartment. For the purpose of transportability, depending on the power required, the two rooms can be separated and relocated to the target site in the chosen manner.

The heating unit houses a biomass boiler (power from 50 to 250 kW) combined with a fuel loading system, thermal storage functioning as a buffer tank, and the entire hydraulic and electrical systems. It is equipped with industrial monitoring including telecontrol.

Every individual need should be carefully considered, from specific needs to the never trite logistical aspect. The heating unit and biomass storage must be suitable and sufficient to give continuity of essential services both in maintenance and in supply.
The use of existing rooms is always an excellent solution, but having a Plug & Play system such as B•Compact is often a greatly valid alternative.
In addition to the Single or Double Unit, Custom solutions can be created, specifically designed by our Design Office, to suit all applications.

Installation with B•Compact structures (of any size) are perfect for Contracting services and are always adaptable for all contexts and applications.