Pellet boilers

The ESPE EasyLife PX series is composed by completely automatic (ignition, regulation, cleaning) pellet boilers with a very similar management to that of traditional boiler. ESPE EasyLife boilers are highly compact and suited to the needs of the most extreme space restrictions and offer one of the best value for money ratios on the market thanks to their high technological content. The fuel tank has a capacity of 180 kg to reach an autonomy of 1 week without loading, the burner is constructed in stainless steel, ash extraction is automatic into special external drawers and it is equipped with a lambda sond for complete, automatic regulation. Available accessories include a supplementary 500 kg tank with its feed screw up to 5m, a primary pump kit with anti-condensation valve and thermal exhaust valve, a 600 to 3000 litre storage puffer tank, and an instantaneous plate heat exchanger for ACS production. 10 to 70 kW thermal kW power available.

Log wood boilers

ESPE EasyLife PG are reverse flame gasification log wood boilers: they gasify at very high temperatures in a dedicated chamber, making the best use out of the calorific value of the fuel. They are equipped with very large loading compartments and can in fact heat speces of up to 380m². Accessories: primary pump kit with anti-condensation valve and thermal exhaust valve, 600 to 3000 litre storage puffer tank, instantaneous plate heat exchanger for ACS production. Simple construction and cost effective to manage. The ESPE EasyLife PG boilers series is perfect for operations that do not require Class 5 certification, without sacrificing efficiency and high performance: boilers archieve an efficiency of over 91%. 20 to 32 kW thermal kW power.

Woodchip boilers

This type of boilers are our latest release: ESPE EasyLife CX boilers are all equipped with movable grates and are also completely automatic (ignition, regulation, cleaning) and operate with different types of fuel (wood chips, pellets and kernel). Ashes are automatically conveyed and stored in special external drawers. Ashes are from both combustion and turbolator cleaning residue, as well automatic (in accordance with Ecochar standard). The entire ESPE EasyLife CX series is certified Class 5. Other accessories in addition to storage with puffer, plate exchangers and stainless steel immersion coils include the loading and dispensing system with spring and automatic fuel extraction screw.