The experience gained since 1974 in design and construction of electrical systems and industrial automation has benn essential in building the CHiP50, the cogenerator designed for small and medium sized businesses that need heat. 

Il cogeneratore ESPE CHiP50

In order to obtain the most from wood chip gasification the moisture must be drastically lowered to a percentage not higher than 10%. To obtain this result ESPE designed the WCD050 high efficiency drier, capable of processing 49kg of dried wood chips per hour.

The chips dried this way are conveyed to the gasifier by means of a specific loading unit. In the gasifier the chips, taken to high temperatures, are transformed into gas (syngas) which, first cooled by an exchanger and then filtered through two filtration units, powers an endothermic motor capable to produce electricity by means of an alternator and heat by recovering the thermal waste.

By lowering the temperature of the gas in the cooling system, heat is obtained which is immediately available through an exchanger for various operations, from heating to other industrial processes. The motor powered by the gas produced by the chips is a motor specifically built to operate on syngas, thereby preventing the maintenance and warranty problems of endothermic motors adapted to operate with different fuels.