How many years has ESPE been in the cogeneration business?

In the last 20 years Espe has managed process control for a few cogeneration systems at various industrial plants. In 2004 development began on the first gasification cogenerator prototype which was subsequently interrupted and then resumed in 2011.

Where are the CHiP50 cogeneration systems manufactured?

The cogeneration systems are made in the ESPE Grantorto (PD) plant.

Can I see a CHiP50 cogeneration system in operation?

Yes, ESPE arranges site visits at the Grantorto (PD) production plant and at a few customer sites. At the systems you can examine the cogeneration system in operation and personally verify the technical specifications, the system solutions and chip logistics management.

What warranty does ESPE provide for the CHip50 machines?

Espe guarantees the machines 12 or 24 months, depending on the drive used.

With what raw material does the CHiP50 operate?

The CHiP50 operates with virgin conifer or beech wood chips. Other essences are in the experimentation phase now.

Can the production of a cogeneration system be remotely monitored?

Certainly: all the major operating parameters of the system can be monitored remotely using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Also, the machine alerts the manager via E-mail in the event of a fault.

How does the assistance service work?

Every CHiP50 cogenerator provides the manager with the information relative to any faults or abnormal operating parameters. The manager accesses the Espe remote assistance service to verify the nature of the problem with our engineers and require a site visit if necessary.

Does the machine operator need to be constantly present?

No, because the machine operates automatically. Nevertheless we recommend a daily presence for a limited time in order to carry out a few simple checks.

How much space does the cogenerator system take up?

The space required depends on the logistics of the system and the autonomy that you want it to have as fuel reserve. In any case, the CHiP50 cogenerator is very compact and allows optimisation of the available spaces.

What are the delivery times?

On average delivery of the CHiP50 cogeneration system takes place 3 months from the Order Confirmation.

Where does maintenance take place on the CHiP50 cogeneration system?

Espe offers a maintenance service contract which includes all the operations scheduled in the machine maintenance plan with the exception of consumable material (lubricating oil, filters, spark plugs, etc.) which must be provided by the manager. This way the CHiP50 cogenerator is serviced to be at maximum efficiency with contained and, above all, scheduled costs.

How can I use the thermal energy produced?

The thermal energy produced is made available by the machine with temperatures up to about 90°C. This energy can be used for any type of need and it is particularly suited for production processes that require it constantly.

Can I vary the wood essence used during the life of the system?

Yes, as long as all the essences introduces are approved types and possess the specifications indicated in the operation and maintenance manual.

Can I use wood with relative humidity of 40% or more?

Certainly, by using the SCD050 high efficiency drier which lowers the humidity of the wood to the level required by the machine, using about 20% of the thermal energy produced by the machine.

Does this cogeneration system comply with the emissions limits set forth in the prevailing standard?

Yes, the CHiP50 cogenerator more than complies with the emissions limits set forth in the prevailing standard.