All parts of the ESPE CHiP50 were designed to obtain the highest efficiency from the drier to the heat absorption system. With the goal of optimising the customer's investment, ESPE has developed a cogenerator capable to use the least amount of fuel possible and increasing conversion efficiency, reducing waste such as dust and ash to a minimum. This means you can have a cogenerator capable of producing 49 kWe and 100 kWt using 49kg of wood chips per hour. In addition, unlike the indications of GSE which estimates a 17% reduction in electricity self-consumption, ESPE CHiP50 only needs 12% of the electricity produced to operate. This difference has a precise value recognised by GSE in the form of an hourly area price of the electricity introduced onto the grid with different tariffs depending on whether the fuel is a product or sub-product of the wood supply line.

Every agricultural, artisan or industrial structure has different peculiarities: the companies that consume thermal energy are able to lower their consumption by installing the ESPE CHiP50. To understand the time it takes to see a return on the investment, ESPE offers an energy screening service, thereby providing the opportunity to actually understand the savings and consumption through a business plan, the instrument which is accepted by banks to approve financing.

A production structure, a farm or a hotel can definitely see a return on the investment in less than 6 years, in 4 years in cases of high energy consumption. In cases of companies with particularly high energy consumption, ESPE CHiP50 was developed to be modular, thereby allowing several cogenerators to operate in parallel.