The ESPE CHiP50 cogenerators come out of the ESPE Grantorto plant in the province of Padua. The ESPE cogenerator is the result of a two-year long Research and Development programme and for command, control and safety of the process it uses the best components available on the market. Each of the components are designed, tested and assembled within ESPE, taking advantage of our forty years of experience in design and construction of electrical and energy systems.

Each individual part is designed, prototyped and produced taking advantage of internal resources and proven cooperation with external industrial partners, as well as our experience in industrial mechanics and automation. Each component is visually checked, mechanically tested and verified against the design specifications. Furthermore, prior to delivery each cogenerator is tested and started-up in order to be able to check that it corresponds to all the required electrical, mechanical and safety parameters.  

All ESPE CHiP50 cogenerators roll of the production line at the Grantorto (PD) plant, strictly manufactured in Italy.