The operating principle is the gasification of a solid material which produces a gas (Syngas) used to produce electricity by means of an endothermic motor combined with an alternator. The wood chips, appropriately selected and dried, are conveyed to the gasifier where the change of state from solid to gaseous takes place. Heat is obtained from cooling the gas this way, while the gas is directed to the motor that produces electricity by means of the alternator and another thermal energy by means of cooling the motor itself and the exhaust gases.

Render della sottounità di gassificazione su telaio

Gasification sub-unit render

The decree of 6 July 2012 confirmed the legislative trend toward increasing rewards for the production of electricity by small plants ESPE has gone beyond the decree, developing a cogenerator that can produce 49 kWe and 100 kWt: this size allows the electrical and heat needs of a wide variety of companies to be covered, from farms to nursing homes, from hotels to greenhouses, from wellness centres to sawmills, to any other business that needs heat energy.