The perfect solution to meet heat needs at low cost and to contribute to the large-scale diffusion of small-medium thermal plants primarily functioning on wood chips.

The B•Compact system is pre-assembled and tested in our production factories in Northern Italy.
Thanks to its highly portable configuration, it has become a benchmark in terms of installation simplicity: simply set up hydraulic and electrical connections and prepare a solid base (concrete or stabilised slab).

The use of B•Compact is not only intended for the production of hot water: with adequate absorption systems, cold water can effectively be generated for use of summer cooling with modular powers. Tailored solutions for all needs.

B•Compact management is not burdensome at all, neither in terms of cost nor in terms of time. Wood chip loading can be performed by the customer on his own or by means of an ESPE "Wood
Control" supply chain: loading can be carried out through the exclusive pneumatic supply of wood chips or with traditional means with front shovel for top loading.

Equally simple is the management of routine maintenance, which is performed together with cleaning and emptying of the convenient ash container. These operations can also be carried
out directly by the customer or they can be entrusted to ESPE, who in this case takes on the title of manager for routine and special maintenance and periodic checks to be run by specialised
technicians in accordance with the law.