Renewable energy sources are the foundations of the global energy mix, as shown by the international programs and agreements that promote them. Among these, hydroelectric power stands out because, in addition of being a sustainable source, it is widely available and offers significant investment opportunities

ESPE is specialized in turnkey investment solutions for hydroelectric power projects.

Combining economic opportunities and environmental protection is possible by choosing ESPE. ESPE can boast forty years of activity in the energy market and an actual hands-on experience. ESPE is the ideal partner for investing in hydroelectric power. Our company is an international recognised EPC (Engineering Procurement Contractor). We engineer and install reliable and technologically advanced energy systems. We provide a host of integrated management and maintenance services, as well.

Over the years the group has acquired and refurbished 5 hydroelectric power stations in Romania, while in Italy ESPE has completed 6 projects. Additionally ESPE has directly developed and implemented over 25 hydro turbines, through its in-house engineering division.