Wind turbine generators developed and produced by ESPE provide maximum safety and high level performance, the result of the best combination of aerodynamics, mechanics, oleodynamics and electronics.

The 59 kW power of the wind turbine generator also provides the added benefit of incentives without enrolling with the registry of admission and with simplified authorization requirements compared to higher powered units. To increase application flexibility ESPE produces and offers various types of vanes on the wind turbine generators which can be selected based on the type of wind at the installation site. Aerodynamic and structural optimization was achieved by adopting the most innovative horizontal axis wind generator technology by using solutions derived from large wind farms: ESPE’s wind turbine generators were developed in cooperation with a spin-off from the University of Padua.

The mechanical engineering was carried out by the ESPE Research and Development Department which strictly complied with the IEC 61400-1 regulations (large wind farm) and which also relied on the important cooperation of the University of Naples Department of Aerospace Engineering.