ESPE FX series is different from all other wind turbine generators currently present on the market in many ways:

  • Production is 100% Italian and is in conformity to the ISO 9000 Quality System.
  • The blade structure was designed to provide high performance even in low wind conditions thanks to the generous blade length (high solidity index)
  • Highly reactive pitch control, specifically designed to handle varying wind conditions; speed control is oleodynamic piston type managed by a proportional valve with the possibility of adjusting the position and resolution cut-off speed.
  • The high reactivity of the pitch control allows the machine to produce energy continuously at the rated power limit until reaching the cut-off speed, even in conditions of significant turbulence, a condition that is common in units of this power, installed close to the ground.
  • The yaw is controlled by an oleodynamic geared motor with an intelligent gust dampening system.
  • The machine is conceived in compliance with the strictest operator safety standards with maximum attention given to the "escape route" and predisposition of certified safety attachments.
  • The nacelle is reached by means of an external ladder with a safety system that provides the possibility of recovering any injured person by a second operator and the inside of the nacelle has a hook-up bar for quick evacuation ensured by a safety cable.
  • Routine maintenance operations inside the nacelle and inspection of the yaw slewing ring conditions, as well as blade speed movement slewing ring lubrication operations are made possible by a ladder and a landing located just under the nacelle. Using the access ladder the inside of the nacelle can be safely accessed from the landing where maintenance can be carried out. 

The ESPE FX range was designed with 4 safety systems, all designed as passive systems capable to quickly place the turbine in safety conditions in only 5 seconds.


1. Device Negative Control

In the event of a fault or if the maximum operating speed is exceeded the machine goes into safety condition with the blades feathered without needing supplementary power supplies but with a preloaded elastic accumulation system. UPS units or emergency supplementary power supplies are not needed.

2. Negative Brake

In the event of a fault or if the maximum operating speed is exceeded the pitch and yaw brakes act on the relative brake discs with a preloaded elastic accumulation system without the aid of emergency power supplies.

3. Rotor Lock Secure

Mechanical rotor lock system through a pin activated automatically with the unit stopped. This safety system, in addition to ensuring supplementary locking of the rotor during maintenance, guarantees total locking even in the event of strong winds and breakdowns.

4. Active Yaw Control

Active yaw control allows the wind turbine generator, in addition to seeking the ideal position for maximum performance, to position itself out of the wind flow in the event of high winds with the unit stopped. In cases of extreme weather conditions the Active Yaw Control completes the effectiveness of the other safety systems.
Other characteristics that make the FX range unique.

Highly reliable direct drive adjustment technology by using components with high quality standards: the use of a low rpm permanent magnet synchronous generator without the reducer associated with a dual feed inverter allows to archieve superior performance as well as a highly accurate use curve adjustment and reduced noise of the alternator magnets. In addition to this the system is predisposed for the larger size of any power peaks not accepted by the grid manager.

The use of on board sensors that allow complete control and effective remote monitoring of the turbine: each wind turbine generator has sensors to check the correct operation of the machine (encoder, position transducer, limit stop, anemometric station) and safety sensors (vibration sensors, PT100, Cat. 1 emergency manual release, over travel position sensors selected from the best available on the market). The supervision software is the result of ESPE's own design and development with its ten years of experience in creating automation and industrial process systems. In particular, the management hardware and software were created using a name brand industrial PLC for wind turbine generator management, an industrial PC for the user interface and data storage, proprietary SCADA software for remote system supervision and management, accessible for manual operations and remote service. There is no customised equipment or boards so that replacement parts can be easily found over time. As an option a video remote system with server can be provided. the control panel and user interface along with the conversion inverter are placed inside the base of the tower in order to avoid installation of an external facility, thereby guaranteeing additional protection against surges and better burglary prevention.

Patent pending: all the innovative parts in the FX range are patented. Suppliers: ESPE 's suppliers are subject to assessment in accordance with the criteria of the regulations relative to ISO 9000 quality certification.