Wind turbine generators.

The FX wind turbine generators come out of the ESPE Grantorto plant in the province of Padua. An ESPE wind turbine generator is the result of the latest mechanical electronic, electrical and technological development currently available. Each component is designed, tested and assembled in ESPE, taking advantage of an internal research and development centre and daily cooperation with the skills of Italian universities and highly qualified suppliers.

The first phase of ESPE energy generating machinery production is the technical design of the wind turbine generator. Each individual part is designed, prototyped and manufactured using internal resources in strong cooperation with external industrial partners as well as their own experience in industrial mechanics and the construction of hydroelectric turbines. Each component is visually checked, mechanically tested and verified against the design specifications. To optimise times and streamline the process, all the components are sorted according to the order of production. Once they are grouped, assembly of mechanical, oleodynamic and electrical parts begins. From this point the wind turbine generator is complete with all of its parts and ready to be subjected to the subsequent testing phases.

Simulator Tests

 Thanks to the testing bench, capable of simulating real wind conditions, all the data is recorded and proper operation of the wind turbine generator is checked at the end of the assembly process. The test is conducted by cabling the components themselves from the turbine to the cables and the electrical panels which will actually be installed in the field, thereby allowing us to delivery a 100% tested and operational wind turbine generator. This also allows the cables to be certified in order to streamline "plug & play" installation of the cabling. The test bench is able to test the wind turbine generators on board sensors, check the oil flow and pressure, check the temperature and monitor the production data through the monitoring system that is built into the base of the tower.

  Once it has passed the manual pre-commissioning and the automatic commissioning the final testing phase begins. The wind turbine generator stays on for several days and is subjected to three different increasing stress tests, using proprietary software to simulate the characteristics of a site with inconsistent and abruptly varying wind conditions in order to measure the stress the wind causes to the rotor (carrying out "emergency braking" operations). This also simulates the movements of the blades going into safety condition and the reaction time of the wind turbine generator, as well as running-in the components (slewing rings and pistons).

Once this final stress test has been passed the mechanical parts of the wind turbine generator are checked again, as well as the active and passive safety parts, checking the tightness of the screws, wear to the braking system and inspecting all the mechanical parts stressed during the test. From this point the wind turbine generator is a fully fledged ESPE FX wind turbine generator. The logistical part has also been studied down to the smallest detail in order to optimise shipping and minimise transportation costs. By using only one articulated vehicle 2 wind turbine generators can be delivered, complete with turbine, cables and panels. The tower, made up of 3 barrels and also designed by ESPE is optional, also designed to be transported on a single articulated vehicle. The fibreglass reinforced blades are delivered directly to the work site.  

All ESPE FX wind turbine generators roll of the production line at the Grantorto (PD) plant, 100% made in Italy.