How many years has ESPE been in the mini wind farm business?

Design began on ESPE 59 kWp FX wind turbine generators in 2010. In December 2012 the first ESPE FX wind turbine generator was installed at Biccari (FG).

Where are the ESPE FX wind turbine generators manufactured?

FX wind turbine generators are made in the ESPE Grantorto (PD) plant.

Can I see an ESPE FX wind turbine generator in operation?

Yes, ESPE organises weekly visits to see the FX wind turbine generators at Biccari and Troia (FG) where you can see and verify for yourself the characteristics of the wind turbine generators. Through the data that comes from the supervision installed on the wind turbine generators themselves, you can also see the remote systems and visit the production plant.

What warranty does ESPE provide for the FX wind turbine generators?

The ESPE FX wind turbine generators have a 5 year warranty. For the electrical parts only (inverter, alternator, etc.) the warranty is 2 years with an available extension.

What diameter is the ESPE FX wind turbine generator rotor?

There are 2 models in the ESPE FX family of wind turbine generators which are differentiated by rotor diameter:
- FX18: ensures a high level of reactivity and resistance, suitable for sites characterised by high wind speeds;
- FX21: with a medium-large rotor diameter, this model allows greater production in low wind conditions ensured by the larger span of the rotor to be combined with efficient and flexible management of the highest wind conditions. This model is particularly suited for most Italian sites, characterised by weak and low winds that rapidly alternate with turbulent and higher winds where in any case a wind turbine generator is needed that is capable of maximising production in medium-low wind conditions but that can also take advantage of times when there are higher winds which, on any site, are the times when most of the annual energy is produced.

LIs the ESPE FX wind turbine generator power curve certified by a third party?

The power curve is currently being certified with analysis in the field with a certified anemometer in accordance with the IEC 61400-1 standard located near the FX-21 wind turbine generator installed at one of the Biccari (FG) sites. Certification of the curve consists in a process that requires the analysis of a 6 month period during which wind turbine generator production is constantly monitored and compared with the wind conditions detected by the certified anemometer installed at 2.5 diameters from the wind turbine generator itself. The verifying third party is the University of Naples.

Was any field testing done with the ESPE FX wind turbine generators?

Beginning in late 2012 ESPE installed 3 of its own FX wind turbine generators in field tests at Biccari and Troia (FG) for the purpose of developing and testing the product which is constantly being improved.

How is the pitch controlled on FX wind turbine generators?

FX wind turbine generators have an oleodynamic type variable pitch control system patented by ESPE.

Can the production of an FX wind turbine generator be remotely monitored?

ESPE provides a dedicated remote supervision system which allows production and any other operational parameter of the ESPE FX wind turbine generator to be monitored in real time from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Who takes care of installing the FX wind turbine generators and what are the prerequisites?

ESPE offers optional installation service for the FX wind turbine generators. The prerequisites for installation are obtaining all the compulsory authorisations from the relevant bodies (Municipality, Electric Company, etc.) and the design and construction of an adequately sized concrete foundation following geological and viability access analysis of the site.

Is the technical facility built into the tower?

Yes, the technical facility, as are all the electrical components, is positioned inside the tower so there is no need to prepare another external building that serves as technical facility and the relative cost.

Is the ESPE FX wind turbine generator protected from lightning?

The FX wind turbine generator is equipped with a lightning and surge protection system, realised in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 61400-24 standard including a capturing system in the blades and on the nacelle, all connected to the equipotential system through sliding contacts to the structure of the nacelle and the tower and the dispersion system realised at the base of the tower.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery of the FX wind turbine generator takes place about 3 months from Order Confirmation, subject to the customer obtaining all the required authorisations and preparing the adequately sized concrete foundation.

Where is the technical facility?

The FX wind turbine generators have a technical facility built into the base of the tower equipped with appropriate insulation and a cooling system as well as a burglar proof access door to the electrical panels room. Therefore there is no need to install any other external rooms.

How is the pitch controlled on FX wind turbine generators?

FX wind turbine generators have a highly reactive oleodynamic type variable pitch control system, specifically designed and patented by Espe to handle varying wind conditions; speed control is oleodynamic piston type managed by a proportional valve with the possibility of adjusting the position and resolution cut-off speed.

Why was a Direct Drive type system with synchronous motor chosen?

The use of a permanent magnet synchronous generator associated with a dual feed inverter allows superior performance to be achieved plus a highly accurate use curve adjustment and reduced noise of the alternator magnets as well as a drastic reduction in maintenance thanks to the absence of the rpm multiplier.

How is maintenance carried out on the ESPE FX wind turbine generators?

All routine maintenance operations are also possible from inside the nacelle without the need for a bucket truck which is more costly and less safe. In fact, access is ensured by the external ladder secured to the tower. From the landing the nacelle can be safely accessed where it is possible to work on all the FX wind turbine generator adjustment control devices on it, as well as working on the external parts.

Why was installation of an external ladder chosen?

The external ladder for access to the wind turbine generator with a safety track allows maintenance operations to be carried out in complete safety since the maintenance technician's check is always very simple and practical. In particular difficulties stemming from the high temperatures in the summer months at a height of 30 m are avoided. The external ladder allows an injured person to be recovered by a second worker and the hook-up bar provided inside the nacelle for quick evacuation with safety cable would not be possible with an internal ladder.