The ESPE mini wind project has begun since 2010 when we asked ourselves in what other renewable energies ESPE may lend their forty years of experience. In 2010 wind farms in Italy were the prerogative of multinational companies which were installing large-vane wind farms. Competition in this market segment was high and the market itself was rarely open to new manufacturers. Furthermore, it seemed that the large installations market was headed for a rapid decline.

Based on various researches conducted in Italy and abroad, the most unexplored segment was the one of the small wind farms, although incentive tariffs were already in existence at the time. 

Through the methodical application of skill and passion, day after day ESPE managed to put together the pieces of the puzzle that led to introduce the FX Range, the line of wind turbine generators entirely developed and produced in ESPE workshops, just 18 month after beginning the project. This success was doubtless achieved thanks to a combination of multiple factors which can be summed up as experience and the fabric of industrial excellence.

ESPE has 40 years of experience in the electrical sector under its belt and it is located at the centre of the high precision mechanical district, famous and unique worldwide for specialization and diversification. Furthermore, the University has also played an important role in aerodynamic optimization (spin-off of the University of Padua) as well as optimization and testing of the machine's engineering (Federico II University of Naples). The latter was also entrusted with the challenge of ensuring compliance with the ISO 61400-1 regulation and validation of the power curve, successfully displaying their skill in the wind farm sector as a third party, not by chance recognized on an international level. ESPE decided to build and test the FX wind turbine generator in accordance with the IEC 604100-1 standard which is usually reserved for large size wind turbine generators. ESPE's choice was to package all the technology of a large dimension vane into a 59 kW vane.  

Below are the project phases: