FX Control v2.0

ESPE FX wind turbine generators have a built-in supervision system to check alarms and to verify proper operation. Continuous digital development has led to the recent evolution of FX Control, version 2.0. This system allows the electrical and mechanical data of the entire machine to be accessed remotely along with complete remote management of trends for fault analysis.


supervisione2 supervisione3

01: Core Level

Core Level supervision takes place by an industrial computer connected to the wind turbine generator's Master PLC (where the management program is installed). The decision to manage supervision from a separate unit is intentional and increases the safety of the entire system. The user can see the dedicated synoptic board right on the touch screen in the tower or through a special Open-VPN connection which can be used on any software platform. Every day the system will automatically send a summary E-mail containing the wind turbine generator activity to the addresses the customer indicates. The automatic system is also programmed to send automatic E-mails in the event of a dysfunction or alarm. The supervision system is physically inserted in the wind turbine generator digital equipment and therefore does not depend on third party suppliers. The customer purchases a permanent user license from ESPE.

02: Shield Level

Every wind turbine generator is equipped with a second bidirectional modular communication system that has a GSM router where the factory's preset anticipates the use of two outputs (of four available) relative to any electrical power outage and emergency stoppage of the machinery. These GSM alerts are instantaneous and are routed to the customer and, where necessary, the Control Centre. The other two outputs are available to the customer in order to make further controls remotely accessible. Shield Level operates 24/7, therefore the alarms are always promptly reported and any maintenance service is also associated with a guaranty of availability. For the entire duration of ESPE's planned maintenance, all software updates and settings are free of charge.